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Originally Posted by Goonie
Tales of the Gold Monkey, the complete series is being planned for DVD:
WOO-HOOOOOOOOO! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!!!!!: Colour me STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tales of the Gold Monkey DVD?
Tales of the Gold Monkey
"Gold Monkey" Co-Star Passes Away at 60
Originally Posted by Goonie
(I know one person on this board is going to like this news)
Who would that be, Goonie? I would love to talk to this person!
Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Now can some entrepreneuring soul put Bring 'Em Back Alive to DVD?
That would be awesome, too! Bruce Boxleitner as the legendary Frank Buck! (...but any "Gold Monkey" fan would've never watched that show since it aired during the same time-slot.)
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