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Originally Posted by phantom train
It's just that, IMHO, the show has lost a lot of steam; so, I'm glad it's ending before it gets any worse.

I think that happened quite a while ago.

It's interesting to note how the show slowly regressed from the dry, yet somehow refreshingly realistic mocumentary that caricatured common office types into a typical sitcom with increasingly more meme-like characters, and a much more set like environment, complete with the bright lighting and wardrobes (and even blatant stage positioning). All of these factors are pretty important in carrying a mood and feel, and I think they compromised all this to appeal to a broader audience.

The original Office series tended to pull it all off much better, and it didn't stick around forever, giving the show and it's comedy more integrity (and laughs!).

Speaking of, ten years later, BBC meets back up with Brent to see what he's been up to since his days of being a friend first, boss second, and probably entertainer third!

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