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Originally Posted by Trennas
It's an abandoned city, it that helps Besides, Drake's Fortune was also set in more city environments, albeit that they were a lot older than this one

As for Drake's edgier side; I think they are mostly referring to his shady past, and not to his character in particular. I very much doubt that they will turn him into the ultimate bad-ass when his flawed human character worked so well in the first game

Cool new screens too! Visually there is nothing to complain about with this game

Yeah, but the this city is a modern one. The "cities" in the first game were ancient and more like forgotten ruins.

Drake may not come out as the ultimate bad-ass, but the light-hearted feel of the first will be replaced with a shadier theme. Much like what happened between Sands of Time and Warrior Within.
Even the subtitle hints at this; "Among Thieves".

Uncharted portrayed Drake as a lighthearted, quick-witted treasure seeker who had a knack for getting in trouble but always meant well. Uncharted 2 will explore some of those personal faults in deeper detail by throwing Drake into some nastier situations that will tempt his desire for uncovering riches with more on the line.

(Text from Gamespot)
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