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Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
I think it's a legitimate concern that Harrison Ford's age has forced Spielberg to push the character firmly out of the golden age of pulp...y'know, the entire universe the character operates in. The question of what kind of adventure Indy could go on in a world where lost civilizations no longer have room to hide is a fair one.

That said, I think it can be done, and I think the secret is to choose environments that have a timeless quality. Ancient ruins, mountain temples, etc. will always feel Indiana Jones appropriate regardless of the decade.

We're still discovering lost civilizations and cities TODAY, much less almost 60 years ago. Just this month, an entire necropolis was discovered in Egypt. A hundred sub-cities were discovered in South America last month. The time isn't the concern for me, it's whether or not the story can be told in a way that works.

The problems with Harrison's age can be fixed in very easy ways:
1) Make-up
2) Stuntmen
3) Subtle CGI if absolutely necessary

It's out of the realm of believably for Harrison Ford at 77 to beat someone up. But for Indy at 65, 66, perhaps using an element of the environment around him as a weapon and fighting much dirtier than he used to, perhaps fighting someone around his age or someone less clever than he. Think of how he beat the second German mechanic. He got his ass handed to him, but he used an element of the environment to win a fight that he otherwise would've probably been beaten to death in. And even though it wasn't a clean win, and even though we saw our hero get beaten up, it still made for a great scene. Work stuff like that in.

Or hell, he has a gun. Use that more often.

A 60 something year can still throw a punch and knock someone out, can't they?

If you have say a couple of scenes of that, some stunts that look cool but are actually easier than they look, gunplay to amp up the action element, it's fine.

As far as the 1960s goes, as long as we're not hit over the head with the fact that it is the 1960s, it's fine. It's just a set of years. Even the 1960s has its intrigues and its villains that could be used. Chi-Coms, for example. Never really had Asians as the "Big Bad" before. Vietnamese. Neo-Nazis.

My main concerns are with Disney, not with Harrison's age or the year set. This will be his last outing, perhaps even his last big movie role. I want the folks at Disney to get it right. That's where my reservations come in.

These films work as long as one's imagination is wide enough to craft a good film. Harrison is still in good enough shape physically, and most importantly of all, facially, to pull off this final film, and do it well - IF the writers have enough imagination to do so.
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