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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
I've never played Battlefield but I've heard great things and I enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront quite a bit. I may give this a shot and see what all the fuss is about.
Sounds good. While the main draw of the series has been its multiplayer, its single player stuff has always been pretty fun too, from its single player maps (included in the series prior to Battlefield 3) to its single player campaigns (included in Battlefield 3 and later games in the series).

And don't be thrown off by the title of the latest Battlefield game (Battlefield 1), as the "1" in the title refers to its World War 1 theme rather than it being the first game in the series. All the previous Battlefield titles are more self-evident.

Also, if you enjoyed the first Star Wars Battlefront, then you'll likely really enjoy the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II which, besides having improved gameplay and such, also (unlike the first one) includes a single player campaign:

And lastly, the Prise de Tahure map is now available in Battlefield 1.

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