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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
I finally finished the game this evening and I'm already looking forward to going back for my Crushing run, as well as picking up the remaining treasures and photo opportunities. It's an amazing ride and I'm looking forward to jumping right back into it again.

That's great news! I'm glad to see that it had a similar effect for you. Now, let's see if the others manage to make their way back here.

Originally Posted by IndyBuff
If I had to rank the games at this moment my list would probably look like this:
Lost Legacy

This, though? Nah, man. I can't sign off on anything that places A Thief's End that high in the canon. For me, that list looks a little something like this:

Among Thieves
The Lost Legacy
Drake's Deception
Drake's Fortune
A Thief's End

The dual retcons are nigh unforgivable in A Thief's End, but lobotomizing Drake and the nonsensical ending might be the most egregious.

I want to like it more than I do, but it's clearly a product of two different groups.
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