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I have two last crusade jackets. One Goatskin and one Authentic Lambskin (pictured above) The collar just seems to hang better and retain the correct memory on the lambskin one. The goatskin collar just sits flat and as a result looks quite pointy. Incidentally the Authentic Lambskin is the thicker leather of the two jackets, maybe that factors into it. Obviously the goatskin is the bulletproof material but it's half the thickness of the authentic lambskin, which feels more substantial and is the more comfortable. As a personal recommendation to people considering the two I would say get the authentic lambskin. Keep seeing posts where people have put their goatskin jackets through hell to age them a bit. Just get the lambskin in the first place. Just IMO.

Novapelle seems to be gaining popularity as a skin and it looks really good from what I've seen. I saw on the wested instagram page they were talking about it and Drones33 jacket looks great as well. Will probably get a jacket in that skin myself at some stage.
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