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Originally Posted by Major West
I was tempted by the HH again this evening after reading a thread on COW by a young lad who'd been putting his HH Raiders jacket through it's paces over the last four years, adventuring and doing hard labour type work across the globe. It held up amazing well of course. I suppose if it was your only jacket you would wear it all the time, but I keep reading people saying they don't wear HH until the weather is pretty freezing which puts me off.

Jacket does look the part in the same way the authentic lamb does. Tempting.

I own quite a few A2 jackets in horsehide and I have found that they suit all weather types, mainly spring, summer, fall.

When winter arrives I usually retire the A2 until the following spring and wear a more substantial jacket preferably not leather, like a B-10 or N-1 deck jacket or a NB-2 parka even sometimes a US Tanker jacket.
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