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Hope he takes care of himself, we wouldn't want him to croak like Jim Henson (pun intended) from neglecting his health.
I havenít painted in a while, or done an illustration in a long time, because Iíve been so sick of recent. The last year and a half have been very, very, very hard physically for me. So I havenít done a whole lot of painting and drawing. But, Iíll get back to it. I got things on the table ready to go. I went to the doctor for the first time in my life, and they said everythingís absolutely fine. Except for the one thing, I have extremely high blood pressure. Iíll fade out, croak if I do anything strenuous. But they gave me a pill. And Iím on my third pill. And I feel better already. So Iíll be back to it. I just havenít done anything recently.
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