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Here's another interview.
Q: You posed as Indiana Jones for a lot of the artwork you created for the Indy films. Did you have to do anything special to get into the right mindset to pull off a realistic Harrison Ford pose?

A: I wouldn’t say that. We designed the concept for the poster. You work from photography from the making of the film. A lot of time the poses I came up with weren’t in the film. I needed to get a model to double as Harrison. The model that I could afford was me (laughing). I had the spirit of Indy because I was working on Indy. I would do a bunch of poses until I would get the right photograph that would work for the art. I talked to Harrison and once he said, ‘Thanks for the body.’ He realized it wasn’t him, but no one else ever did. Harrison is so delightful. A kind person.
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