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Here is a close up of the eye of the stone.

I swear I looked for an eye in that grey area for years and then one day it was there! Like it had just appeared. It has a white surround a black pupil and even a couple of dots of light in the pupil. You can also see the letters GM above the eye. Upside down they are WS. If you turn them into numbers you get 23 and 19. Add them together and you get...42. I have a theory that the number 42(the meaning of life) equals death. Funnily I had written a thread on a forum about that very subject BEFORE I realised that WS equals 42.

According to Wolfram Von Eschenbach in PARZIFAL the guardian of the grail/philosopher's stone was Anfortas. My surname is Altass.

Before I found the stone I had a dream about an image in the stone. I also painted a picture before I found the stone which matched the knife side of the stone. Look. I have superimposed the knife onto it. Notice how the colours match.

This image reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter when Quirrel/Voldemort stand before the mirror looking for the philosopher's stone. In my picture the right hand is a red blob. The stone in the film was red.

I found the stone around twenty years ago(not sure exactly when) on the north bank of the humber in a town called Hessle close to Kingston upon Hull, where I live. The stone has a natural base. Here it is sitting on my hand.

A couple of years later they built a submarium called THE DEEP on the north bank of the Humber in Hull a few miles from where I found the stone. Here is a picture.

As you can see it looks almost the same shape as my stone. The Deep was designed to look like a crystal emerging from the earth according to the designer. A stone. The Deep is basically a lot of fish tanks. What have fish got to do with a stone? When I found the stone one of the first images I saw in it was a shark. They have sharks at The Deep.
The Deep was built on a site where there used to be a citadel and where they had a prison(a couple of hundred years ago). A place of torment. No doubt torture happened there.

Here is a picture of the other side of the stone. Next to it is a statue of Neptune which sits a short walk from The Deep. Notice the similarities? Look at the regions of smooth and rough surfaces. They match.

I have no idea how old the statue is or what neptune or the deep has to do with the idea of the philosopher's stone. But then this is not just the philosopher's stone. It is a mixture of things.
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