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Indy Vance's Indiana Jones Fonts

Man, haven't been here in ages - silly of me. At any rate, I've been getting my fonts together and reorganized, so I felt I should at least throw in some updates with new links and all over here.

Based on the main logo, an older version used in some of Hasbro's promotional material for their Crystal Skull toy line.

Based on the title logo of Marvel's "Further Adventures of Indiana Jones" comic.

LaBouf - LaBouf Oblique
Based on the subtitle logo of the movie series. (Formerly "Adventure Subtitles")

Based on the 'figure line' logo from Hasbro's Indiana Jones toyline. Also used on other licensed products.

Crystal Deco
Based on the 'figure line' logo of many licensed Indiana Jones products which came out alongside the "Crystal Skull" movie.
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