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Originally Posted by Vance
The spacing's off on the capital letters, which I want to fix soonish. If there's another error you can spot, feel free to let me know. I'm not sure why the font looks a little off, since it was engineering-measured and all... but I know it is somehow. :S
Vance, pardon me if you already know but...

The trick with typography is that letter spacing is not an exact science and differs from font to font. Not knowing how you made your 'engineered measurements' (nor know how to create digital fonts myself, for that matter!), I can only suggest taking the following 'guidelines' into consideration:

- A letter's width determines it's spacing and each one doesn't always follow the same rule. (Ex. "I" is the thinnest captial letter and "W" is, usually, the widest.)

- Spacing is always determined according to where each letter is placed. (Ex. An "I" can sit well beside certain letters but requires some extra space next to others. Same with a "W". Because of its diagonals, you can shove a "W" very close to another letter without it looking too weird. Putting it close clears up the vaccuum of negative space.)

That said, the "Further Adventures" font is quite square so some of this advice won't really matter...

Originally Posted by Vance
If there's another error you can spot, feel free to let me know.
To fully keep with the style of the "Further Adventures" comic title font:

- You should remove all of the bottom serifs on each letter (except the capital "I").

- You could change the "W" to be square-ish in shape. Similar to the "M" but upside-down. (This could help solve some of your spacing problems because a square-ish character will eliminate the negative space.)

In no way is this intended as a criticism, Vance. People who recreate Indy fonts are often the unsung heroes of many fan artworks. Anyway, I like your little icons and, personally, don't feel there's any need to change the background image.
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