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Originally Posted by Stoo
Vance, pardon me if you already know but...

The trick with typography is that letter spacing is not an exact science and differs from font to font.

Believe me, I know. It's a little easier when I'm doing one from scratch than when I'm reverse engineering an existing typeface or logo. The difficutly on this one comes from two distinct faces being used - the capitals have a bit of a different look from the lower case letters. The change in positions and slight change in styles caused me to screw up the "right boundary" placement for the capital letters.

To fully keep with the style of the "Further Adventures" comic title font:

I'll hit each point in turn. Please don't take this as an argument, but rather as an explanation to where I'm coming from with this design:

- You should remove all of the bottom serifs on each letter (except the capital "I").

The lower case doesn't have any serifs aside from the decorate upper-left corner flourish. The capitals have a different face, however, and seems to be envoking a more "Pulp Western" look with the lettering. I tried to largely keep that look going with the other letters, using the "I" as a rule.

- You could change the "W" to be square-ish in shape. Similar to the "M" but upside-down. (This could help solve some of your spacing problems because a square-ish character will eliminate the negative space.)

This was a tough choice initially because of the two faces being used. The lower-case "W" works as an inverted M, but the upper case just did not. The cases were already different as it was, though, and I didn't want to have that much of a divergence in looks for the same font.

In no way is this intended as a criticism, Vance. People who recreate Indy fonts are often the unsung heroes of many fan artworks. Anyway, I like your little icons and, personally, don't feel there's any need to change the background image.

Feel free to criticize! This has been helpful, even if it's just to make me revisit the choices that I made.

I did make an update today to "Indiana", which corrects a lot of the spacing issues and widens the serifs on the capitals to better match the source material. (I found a MUCH larger and cleaner image than the one I had worked from before.) I'll have it up on my site ( within an half hour from this post (2:33pm MT, 14 June).
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