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Should we just give up on Harrison?

I'm not trolling and I do think with yesterday's news this deserves its own thread...

I'm one of the bigger Harrison fanboys on here. Harrison Ford, along with Bruce Willis and John Travolta, was among my male idols growing up. He was the epitome of what a leading man I felt should be. He was suave. He had an awesome voice. A swagger all his own. He was no Brando, but he was basically a modern hybrid of Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Clark Gable for our time. He's played quite a few great roles and his place in movie history is secured. He portrayed Indy in four movies we all enjoy.

That said, I think with yesterday's news, Harrison's time as Indy is over, for more than one reason. First of all, if they do not film the thing until 2019, Harrison will be 77, if God willing he's even still alive by then. He'll be pushing 80. I don't want to see his Indy be reduced to either a cameo or a supporting actor in his own movie. That, for me, would tarnish Harrison as an actor, his Indy as a character, and would seem a bit degrading to me. It would make his curtain calls as Indy - whether you prefer him walking down the aisle or riding off into the sunset - seem hollow. I don't want to see Harrison Ford become George Hall, the old grandpa narrating the story of his adventures to some punk kid.

At the same time, he is now far too old to helm an action film alone and capture audiences young and old. Us diehards will see it. 30-40 somethings will see it out of nostalgia. But will the 18-24 market of 2020 really be interested in an Indiana Jones movie with a geriatric leading man? I don't think most people of that generation even know who Harrison is by name anymore. They might know him as Han Solo...But he's not going to crowd theaters just on his name alone the way he did in the 80s and 90s.

Factor in that even if Harrison does lead the film, he's likely to not have many action scenes, and instead we'd have to watch a younger actor do all the work for him. We got a glimpse of that with Mutt in KOTCS - Do we really want to see some no-name assistant character or a Mutt recast doing all the dirty work we so enjoyed watching Harrison do - Taking and giving the beatings, swinging from the whip, getting into chases?

I feel that KOTCS was the last hurrah for Harrison and even then, it was a bit too late. He was already 65. Ideally a fourth Indy film would've been made in the mid 1990s or early 00s - but that's long past now. Even if you love KOTCS, and I do enjoy it, you can't deny that it was botched in some ways. Can anyone here really say they enjoyed watching Mutt duel while Harrison sat on the sidelines? Would anyone disagree KOTCS missed some opportunities to have a last great gun battle, and that it could've used a lot more whip?

It's too late now. 2019 was already stretching it - but pushing it back another year, I at this point give up. Harrison's had two curtain calls as Indy already. I don't think he needs a third encore. With a heavy heart, I say it's time to let it go. Harrison had his time in the hat, and it's time for someone else to seek fortune and glory.

Anyone with me?
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