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"You call this archeology?"

"It's War.....didn't I tell you it was a rescue? huh?"

"You know, sharing your an interesting experience."
"That's not all we share.....It's disgraceful you're old enough to be...her f...her grand father."
"Well, I'm as human as the next man."
"I was the next man."

(indy is complaining about henry's fathership skills)
"Actually, I was a wonderful father."

"I'm here, now......what would you like to talk about?"
cuts to indy
cuts to henry
cuts to indy
cuts to henry (look at his face....BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!)
back to indy
"hahahaha...I can't think of anything."

(herny explains the clues about the traps in the canyon)
"what does that mean?"
"I don't know...."

"How did you know she was a Nazi?"
"She talks in her sleep"

"marcus? you didn't drag poor marcus along did you? he's not up to the challenge!"

"THIS IS AN OBSESSION DAD!!! I NEVER UNDERSTOOD IT!!!! NEVER!!!! neither did mom." (note the 'keepign up with the joneses theme in the Background' )
"Oh yes she did...only too well.....unfortunitly, she kept her illness from me....all I could do was M her."

but really, everything between henry and indy is a classic line
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