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Games with heavy Indiana Jones influences

Growl is a beat-'em-up sidescroller that was released for Genesis in '91. You play as one of four wildlife rangers battling evil poachers in the early 20th century. Sounds unique, eh? Let's look at an advert for the game...


Now, those of you with a sharp eye may have noticed that the man featured on the right bears a striking resemblance to Indiana Jones. So much so that it goes beyond coincidence. That's not the worst, though, as you'll see in the following screen caps I took.

Gen or Indy?

He can even get a whip!

Yep. Looks like it could be ToD game. I'd never seen mentioned here, so I just thought I'd share. Mildly interesting, no?

(*advert from hardcore gaming 101. But the rest o' the pics are all mine. :P)
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