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Really enjoyed it. It was one of those films (for me) where I came out of the cinema and wanted to see it again. Theres so much to take in that this definitely needs more than one viewing. Visually it looks amazing in every way and the performances are excellent throughout. I was totally spoiler free before going in and so I didn't expect the story we got and that surprised me in a good way. I can't remember the last film I went to see where it was so engrossing in concentrating on the details of everything on screen from the visuals through the dialogue and the story. Its really atmospheric and in a way its a real slow burner too, but not in a negative way though. Its running time allows it to build the story and allow those slow scenes to breathe and I think it makes it better for that.

Of the main leads the performances were really good. Jared Leto in particular is very creepy as the head of the company that took over Tyrells assetts. Ryan Gosling as the Blade Runner K carries the film easily and is very good in his conflicting emotions as the story unfolds around him, and in fact his character is doing some proper detective work in this and thats what the story is, a detective mystery thriller. Harrison Ford I thought was excellent and gives a very emotional performance in places too, not least in one particular scene where he really sells the emotion of it and overall makes an impact in this. The supporting characters are excellent too from the evil replicant Love, to K's captain and his holographic companion Joi and everyone in between.

Again much like the first one this film is about humanity and the replicants questioning their own humanity and their own soul and emotions. The plot of the story is a major spoiler and I won't reveal what it is, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like the first film it needs more than one viewing, the world it inhabites is fantastic, they really captured what made the first one so good in its lighting and sets, the performances are top notch, as is the score that captures the essence of the original too and the visuals are amazing too. Well worth seeing IMO.
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