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"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969) the wedding of James Bond is similar in tone / editing.

We see the wedding ring in a window shop and then we cut to the hand of the bride in the wedding. Like the close up of the Bible and then the priest in KOTCS.

Also there's a hat symbolic moment: Bond throws his hat to Moneypenny and Indy gets the hat from Mutt.

The pastel tone and colour are similar and the use of comments between the guests (M and Draco / Ox and Stanforth)

Of course after the wedding Tracy is murdered and Marion not.

About The Atomic Kid: it's funny because now everybody says that the inspiration for Doomtown was the first draft of Back To the future (Even the screenwriter Bob Gale says so), but the truth is that both movies (BTTF and KOTCS) are paying homage to The Atomic Kid (In BTTF we see the title in the movie marquee)

In Spielberg's biography by Joseph McBride Spielberg said: "Phoenix, Arizona, is not exactly the culture centre of the United States. We had nothing! Except, probably, the worst television you've ever seen. They showed one movie on 3 different chanels, THE ATOMIC KID. They kept repeating that for years!"
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