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Originally Posted by goodeknight
I agree with you Darth. I'm just saying that KOTCS goes beyond the standard booby traps and creepy crawlies. You watch stuff in Skull and say, "That's a direct ripoff of National Treasure, which was a total ripoff of the Indy franchise, which was an homage to the old serials." Like I said, fifth generation Xerox.

I really don't believe Spielberg and Lucas were 'ripping off' National Treasure. I think it's more to do with National Treasure ripping off, or riffing on, Indiana Jones type scenarios... which results in similar types of ideas being presented. I think more than anything; KOTCS shows that Spielberg/Lucas weren't willing to be influenced by anything other than themselves/their own work. A problem common with many artists who have reached the summit of their professional mountain i.e. where do they draw their inspiration from when aspirations have been achieved?
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