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Originally Posted by Mickiana
I do admire your forensic analysis, Stoo. Thank god someone does it.

As for recognising Violet in that large venue that was very well attended by the public, good luck to me. (Where is an emoticon with Indy's glasses?) But I did wear stronger glasses just for the performance. Violet, did you go in costume? I wore my jacket and Aldens, but thought the hat, whip and bag not really necessary. I saw that a few people of my vintage (later 40s) wore garb akin to the adventurer's outfit.

No I didn't - my Marion cosplay wasn't finished yet (wore that to Gold Coast Supanova with my Indy group which I showed off in my Marion Gear thread) however I was wearing my Headpiece to the Staff of Ra shirt I got from the Indy exhibition as well as wearing my Disney Mickey Indy pins. I saw a couple guys here and there with fedoras.

Stoo- As for the dialogue differences they weren't huge differences but just similar words in place of words I normally heard in the cuts I've seen (can't think of an example right now).
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