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I remember a funny mistake they made in Firewalker regarding the villain of the movie, Coyote. You see... Coyote wore an eyepatch and for the entire first half of the film it was on one side. Then, after he killed some guy and the guy grabbed his eyepatch and almost seemed to move it while he was dying, the thing was on the other side of Coyote's face for the whole rest of the story. That made me laugh so hard, I couldn't take the movie seriously after that. Every time Coyote showed up, I thought: "Come on, we know there's nothing wrong with either of your eyes, so just lose the eyepatch!"

Which, oddly enough, makes me think of the idiotic voice of that swammy character in Alan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold and how his voice made me laugh hysterically whenever he tried to say Gold and it came out like Goooooold. I could understand it if he was really foreign, but that accent was so obviously fake that I half-expected him to cough and in a Brooklyn voice say: "Oh, mac! I tell ya, these kind of parts just kill my throat!" I'm sure they didn't intend for it to be that funny, but then again... maybe they did.

I guess some movies can't be imitated... and Indiana Jones is definitely way too good for some of the cheap knock-offs they put out back in the 1980's.

You know what more recent Indiana Jones knock-offs I did enjoy, though?
The Tomb Raider movies and the original National Treasure. Those were a lot of fun! Not exactly big-budget blockbuster material, but still good, fun movies in the Indiana Jones style. National Treasure had some things in common with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life tried really hard to be like Raiders of the Lost Ark. I had to respect their effort, as in the end they did manage to hold my interest, which is more than I can say for the 1980's Indy imitators. Plus... Lara Croft could hold any man's interest!
But I digress. *Ahem!* The storylines, in these movies, were very Indy-like.
Just in the Tomb Raider movies alone, you've got plots involving Pandora's Box, Atlantis, and the Illuminati. Then, with National Treasure, you've got a secret treasure hidden by the Freemasons that is wanted by terrorists with their own agenda. All in all, the kind of adventures you would see Indy having.
So, for movies made after the 1980's, those are highly recommended as good!
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