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Originally Posted by Mickiana
I haven't voted as I haven't seen most of the movie choices,...
Kudos to you, Mick. If other voters had done the same, it's not likely that the Quatermain movies with Richard Chamberlain would be leading the poll. Hard to imagine that anyone who has seen, "Treasure of the Four Crowns", would think that the '80s Quatermain movies are worse.

Even so, I'd still like to hear your opinion about what is the worst of those that you have seen. "Sky Pirates" (a.k.a. "Dakota Harris") is an Australian film so I'm guessing that's one of them. Yes? No?

Thanks for mentioning, "Race for the Yankee Zephyr". I've never heard of it before but after a bit of reading & watching a clip on YouTube, it looks interesting and the main cast is pretty good (Warren, Peppard, Pleasance) plus, I never knew that David Hemmings directed anything. Another one to hunt down!

Moderators: This is one of my very first threads from back in 2005. Would it be possible to change the title to say, "Rip-Off" (instead of "Spin-Off")?
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