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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
No, not the worst. They couldn't possibly be worse than Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. It even has everyone's favorite cannabis endorsing television commentator!
Wow, never heard about this one either. It would make a great addition to this thread (which went into a 'soft-porn-Indy-type movies' direction).

Bill Maher is a funny guy. Adrienne Barbeau looked better in the '70s. Shannon Tweed is Canadian. I remember her from Playboy magazine and crap movies of the early-mid '80s.

Another Indy connection beyond this movie being a Rip-Off:
Some of the music in this trailer is from a track by Tony Hymas, which was also used as part of the McDonald's Young Indy promo.

P.S. Thanks for the title change, Mr. Horse.
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