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Originally Posted by DoomTown
Two words: Jake.....SPEED.

Anybody remember THAT one? It even had OXLEY in it....
Yes, Keith, I remember "Jake Speed". UGH! It was bad but thanks for mentioning it.
Originally Posted by Ska
I still haven't been able to find a copy of Sky Pirates, Treasure of the Four Crowns, or Hunters of the Golden Cobra.
Nice to see you posting, Ska. "G_d be with you in your quest."

I've only seen "Sky Pirates" once. Even though it's not a very good movie, I sure do want it in my collection. A few years ago, my favourite video store in Montreal, La Boite Noire, started selling off their VHS rental tapes and among them was "Sky Pirates" (which I didn't even know they had the whole time)! Since I was already buying a crapload of DVDs, I moved the tape to a place where I could easily find it a few days later. The next time I returned, it was gone! After 30 mins. of scouring through the 1000s of VHS tapes, I gave up looking. Stupid me should've bought it when I had the chance!

Does anyone remember, "The Tomb", from 1986? This was a direct-to-VHS release. It's more like an old, Universal mummy movie but the artwork was clearly cashing in on the look of Indiana Jones. Nobody in the film wore a fedora.

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