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Originally Posted by Z dweller
You're moving the goalposts.

In your previous posts you mentioned a total reboot, now talk about a soft reboot.
That's a subjective term, which different people would interpret in different ways.

Would you say that TFA was a soft reboot of A new hope?

There's varying kinds of soft reboots.
For example, there's the Star Trek route. Which sort of preserves old canon but at the same time ignores it and rewrites the original stories (ala Into Darkness being a rewrite of Wrath of Khan)
Then there's the TFA route which yes, preserves canon but remakes it.

I don't think I've ever used the term total reboot.A total reboot to me is a total overhaul and a solid statement that the original continuity is no longer valid/doesn't exist. I don't think Disney would consider a total reboot (like, changing the time period, gender, etc of Indy), but I do think they will do a Trek style soft reboot. Which ignores the original films or rewrites them but doesn't necessarily replace them.
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