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Originally Posted by Z dweller
An overwhelming majority of viewers and critics disagrees with you.
I suspect you are letting your own fond memories of better times and emotions past limit your ability to form an objective view.

That is a laughable statement.
You can argue that Disney are all about the $$$, like most for profit organizations, but they certainly know their business inside out and do not lack that type of judgement.

That makes two of us.

The vast majority of the world seems to think Avatar is the best film of all time, judging by the receipts too. I enjoyed Rogue One, and out of all the post 1983 SW films, it reminded me of the original films the most and showed me a better way to do a prequel.

I really don't think they get Indy though. They get big dumb action films, but Indy has always had a nuance to it, a certain magic that isn't present in say your M evenarvel type of movies. There is something in Spielberg's direction, or maybe it's Slocombe's color grading, or John Williams' great scores or maybe it's the editing, that gave the original three films a certain feel. That this touch was lost in KOTCS (IMO) with the original creators on board isn't a good sign. That the film is being directed by Spielburg, who failed us with KOTCS and (IMO) hasn't made a good action film since 1993 is an ominous sign. That Indy is now in the hands of a soulless conglomerate run by SJWs is an even worse sign. Forgive me for being skeptical about Disney with (what is partly) a period movie set in politically incorrect times with a white male lead or in Spielburg's ability to recapture his old mojo.
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