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Maybe you know this, maybe you don't...

Outtakes from my 1982 Rolling Stone talk with Spielberg

Q: It's fascinating that you say you've been "digging holes." A lot of people would say you've been building monuments because your way of escape has been into extremely extroverted things.

A: It seemed to me that with the making of E.T., I wasn't interested in showing off. I wasn't interested in spinning out entertaining things you've never seen before, although that does happen in E.T. I was more interested in collecting myself through some of the feelings I had developed via Close Encounters and via my personal relationships and my family life, my social life, and me being a person who is looking for self-fulfillment - and not just fulfillment from Hollywood or New York but fulfillment for my own personal needs. When 1941 came along, there was no place to put all these feelings - there was not one character in the movies, not one situation, not one scene where I was able to give off what I had learned about feelings from Close Encounters.

So I thought, well, I'm going to make my little personal film with kids. And I began writing a little script and it eventually didn't pan out and wasn't produced. And then Raiders came along. And I was able to give a little more of myself to Raiders because there's lots of humanity in Harrison Ford and there's a lot of comedy with him throughout the movie, and that was partially my contribution. Yet I couldn't give it wholesale because the genre and the tempo contradicted what I was feeling. So I was this kid with tears in my eyes, making this matinee adventure film.

Between shots on Raiders, I would hang out with Melissa Mathison [the co-screenwriter of The Black Stallion, she marred Harrison Ford in 1983, and separated from him in 2001]; we were turning over rocks, looking for scorpions. Every fifth rock a scorpion would charge and we would jump back and scream. It was terribly frightening. The darn thing's tail would be in the air, he'd be brandishing his stinger and his claws like a little Maine lobster having at you. And I remember between thrills and screams and yelling through my bullhorn 100 yards away - you know, "Are we rigged for shooting?" and getting the bullhorn back, "10 more minutes," which always means 20 - I had time to tell Melissa most of the story.
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