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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Well, that nameless Mod wasn't entirely incorrect. There were two Jungle Books. Yes, two. Kipling penned The Second Jungle Book approximately two years after the original began appearing in magazines. In fact, much of the '94 adaptation was drawn directly from The King's Ankus, one of my favorite stories from either book. It's also the closest to a traditional action-adventure yarn in the collection.
Indeed. It's worth noting that a sizeable chunk of the 1942 version is also based on "The King's Ankus" story.
Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
And now at D23, The Juggernaut of Stacking Knots Unstoppably gave the world it's first full look at the film including Murray's take on Baloo the Bear and his rendition of the classic "Bare Necessities". That rendition doesn't appear to be on-line yet,
While it should be fun to have Bill Murray as Baloo, he sure has a tough act to follow after Phil Harris' deep, baritone voice. (Can't get the song out of my head now!)
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