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Originally Posted by Stoo
Good grief. "Kinda close"? About 20% of the Himalayas are *in* India. "Think about it".

Oh man. That was high-larious! Too bad I missed it on the first go round.

New trailer!

Originally Posted by Sab the Bad
I think the real concern is the voice acting. Established stars are cast for the name/voice recognition, and I dearly don't want to hear any of the announced cast "phoning in" their performance. Especially cringe worthy is the idea of a Christopher Walken-voiced King Louie.

Now that we get to hear everybody speak for the first time, the voice work, as feared, didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I like all the actors involved in the picture, but those voices aren't supposed to come out of those characters mouths! Of the bunch, Sir Ben Kingsley sounds the best. Christopher Walken is wa-ay out in left field. Poor Idris Elba has impossible shoes to fill.

Though, the triptych poster the studio put out a while back was really well done. In fact, despite the fact the flick was filmed on a backlot in Burbank, it looks fantastic. A lot of care obviously went into recreating the various animals.

Originally Posted by Pale Horse
I'm out. I sense a meandering journey of genres with unfinished character arcs.

To be fair, only Mowgli has anything resembling a character arc. Everybody else just gets older.
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