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Originally Posted by TheFedora
Okay I kind of had that coming....

But yeah, my point was that this new addition does give a new element of mysteriousness and adds to the uncharted feel of the Jungle book.
Regarding your comment, "adds to the uncharted feel of the Jungle book": It's doubtful that you're familiar with the source material.

What it adds is a convoluted explanation for something that was a Disney mistake in the 1st place. King Louie is not one of Kipling's creations. He's a Disney thing. Even though he's a fun character, if they wanted to take a more 'realistic' approach, then Disney should've gotten rid of him completely instead of a wild explanation that will probably never be explained in the movie.

Mowgli: What are you?
Louie: I'm a Gigantopithecus from long ago. My family has survived over eons.
Mowgli: O.K., Thanks for clarifying because my tiny, man-brain was confused.
Originally Posted by TheFedora
Makes as much sense as Giganthopithecus being around although it went extinct 100,000 years ago...
Really? A wandering/lost animal makes much more sense than an extinct one.
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