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Originally Posted by The Drifter
One of my county's finest individuals cutting a promo for an up-and-coming amateur boxing match. I knew this guy in school, and he lives in the same town as me.

I've included a script for those who wish to read what he says as he talks. Spelling mistakes are not my fault as I tried to stay true to this man's promo.

I'm Bucky Boyd. I'm comin' to Bluefield, and uh, I think what happened between me and Tree last time, was a defleet frook. And, I thank that I had the right opprotunity I...could...beat...da...Tree. I could beat dem hard, and I could beat dem bad.
And, make me more angry, and more angrier! Because of what de did to me in our last match. While I boe down he ug-slugged me in de back of my head. While I wah getting' up. I had da sense to win dat match, but I did not win thanks to da Tree. And did time de Tree...will...FALL!

Listen up, Tree.
You goin' down. De Tree will fall...
On Novemeber knife...
I want you Friday night...
I been dreamin' about you. And, I been dreaming how bad I will beat you in dat ring. >( What you did to me in dat ring in Welch, you will pay. De Tree will fall.
Tree you do not know who you dealin' with. I am de MacDowell County Giant.

I may not be de fastest or de quick-est guy in de turn-munt, but...when I hit you, you will know that cah break bones...
When I hit people, I break bo-...
And all ya'll udder heavyweights be ware, 'cause that jagot is mine...
De jagot is mine. And de flize mine. I'm comin' fer ya'll. I'm comin' fer any heavyweight it gets in my way. Bluefield...

In Bluefield, I will crush anybody...get in the ring wit me. Dat jagot, flize money is mine. I will cwush their a grape...gasp

I will cwuz my size 15 shoe, straight up yer ass, boy!

Just in case any of you were dying to know what happened...
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