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Originally Posted by WilliamBoyd8
The author of "Time Enough At Last":

Marilyn Venable, who wrote the short story that the classic Twilight Zone
episode "Time Enough At Last" is based on, at the senior residence she calls
home in El Cerrito on Nov. 29, 2012.

A venerable woman of 85 living in a retirement community in El Cerrito.
A self-described loner with a passion for the printed page, burdened by thick
glasses and a lifelong fear of breaking them somewhere, unable to get them repaired.

If this scenario sounds vaguely familiar, replace Marilyn with Burgess Meredith
as the bookish little character, Henry Bemis. Trade "somewhere" for the bleak,
black-and-white landscape of a man-made apocalypse, everything gone but the book
stacks in the public library. Then throw in a pair of shattered spectacles, rev
up a truckload of irony and travel into another dimension, of sight, of sound,
of mind. At the signpost up ahead, your next stop -- one of the all-time classic
episodes of ... "The Twilight Zone".

That's awesome, WilliamBoyd8! Thanks for that.

The marathon is now underway.

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