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Post 1917 February - March

02 Feb - In Paris, Indy writes another letter to T.E. Lawrence.
26 Feb - Indy & Remy transfer to French Intelligence.
27 Feb - Indy & Remy say farewell.
           - Indy arrives at Ravenel, airfield of the Lafayette Escadrille.
28 Feb - Meets Charles Nungusser.
           - Crashes in plane near Hamm, Germany.
           - Taken as prisoner by Baron von Richthofen 15km from Hamm.
           - Lunch with von Richthofen (& Hermann Göring).
           - Escapes back to Ravenel by plane.
           - Rides in car to Paris to get Nungusser.
01 Mar - Photographs aerial duel with von Richthofen over Saint-Quentin, France.
13 Mar - Final mission (Friday the 13th).
14 Mar - United States enters the war (In reality: 06 April).
           - Driven to Paris by Charles Nungusser.
           - Takes bus 2 hours southeast of Paris.
           - Leaves in plane with Nungusser.
15 Mar - Parachutes into Hannover, Germany.
           - Train to Ahlhorn, Germany.
           - Motorcycle back to Hannover, Germany.
           - By plane back to France.

Contrary to popular belief, the bulk of "Hawkmen" does NOT take place in February! The calendar in Indy's bunk is the tell-tale clue because it's clearly March (the previous month ends on the 28th). His assignment is for '2 weeks' and his last mission is on the 13th, which means he probably arrived on 27 Feb. Notice that the direction of Indy's pencil strokes seem to indicate this precisely.

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