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Originally Posted by Junior Jones
Strangely though, unless they used a different calendar, March 1, 1917 was a Thursday. March 13th was a Tuesday. In 1917 the only Fridays the 13th were in April and July.
Glad that you're still around, Phil.

Indeed, they didn't use a 1917 calendar...but that's the way of the Indy World so we have to give some leeway.

Re: Friday the 13th.
As far as I'm aware, France & several other European countries start their calendar weeks on Mondays (putting the TV show's March 13th as a Saturday) but it seems that Indy has a N.American calendar with the week starting on Sundays (putting March 13th on a Friday). The reason being that the camera zooms in on the 13th and dissolves into his face, conveying that date as a bad omen.

In my mind, Indy is probably occupying the bunk of his predecessor and marking a calendar brought from the States by the guy who died.
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