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March - May, 1917

The timeline gets a bit tricky now with Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episodes merged out of order into the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones chapters.

Austria, March 1917 (a.k.a. part 1 of Chapter 13: Adventures in the Secret Service)

One of the stronger episodes, with adventure, intrigue, a hauntingly great score (sadly unreleased), the sinister Mr. Max, and classic noir film homages. The Sixtus Affair was the real deal.

Barcelona, May 1917 (a.k.a. part 1 of Chapter 14: Espionage Escapades)

A completely over-the-top comedic romp featuring a stellar cast, sumptuous sets and costumes, and a delightful score prominently features on the first soundtrack release.

We pick up again in July/August with part 2 of those respective chapters.
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