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Originally Posted by Moedred
How do you introduce Indy to the atomic age, again? I can think of two ways: nuclear missiles (used in plenty of Bond movies) or a supercollider.

40 years ago a guy got caught in one. It gave him a youthful appearance... hmm.

30 years ago my town was a contender for the Superconducting Super Collider which eventually started (and ceased) construction in Texas. It was pretty exciting with maps, rumors of whose house it would run under, and pro and con bumper stickers.

15 years ago David Koepp sold his Supercollider script to Disney for $2.5M. As usual Koepp is funnier when he works with John Kamps. It's like a fanciful PG X-Files with small town unexplained phenomena. The ending could work for Indy, I think. Seek it out or read a review here.

I don't think a youthful appearance is the issue here. I think people want to see Indiana Jones in the 1930's... looking younger in the 70's isn't exactly the goal I think.
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