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Since there hasn't been a post in here in dog years...

Originally Posted by Finn
Speaking of which, how's your playthrough of The Witcher 2 coming along, Sab? Since you haven't mentioned it in a while, am I to presume it's on an indefinite backburner?

Semi-permanently shelved. I made it as far as the La Vallete brat/heir but got tired of arguing with my computer and its ability to play the game. I'll definitely need to revisit it once I upgrade it.

That said, I picked up The Witcher III: Complete Edition, and just recently made it out of the... intro/tutorial/whatever. I've spent some time in Velen trying to level up and complete a few Witcher contracts -- haven't gotten far really -- and, man, they seem to be stingy with the XP. I'm not sure exactly where I'm at, but I just received a warm welcome from this lady.

Glancing at the map, this is going to be quite the time sink. It's huge. I have some early pathfinding issues with Roach (a horse should be able to traverse certain things), and the combat is a step down from Bloodborne. That's not a complaint, though. Completely different focus. I like where this is going so far!
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