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Originally Posted by Finn
You and millions of others. The Witcher III is one of those generational titles that will influence its genre for years to come. I mean, "what Half-Life did to FPSes" kind of influence.

Yeah, I can definitely agree with that. Looking at, say, Skyrim, it's embarrassing just how far ahead CD Projekt is. These hefty, branching quests are amazingly involved. I went from attempting to clean out an old manor of monsters to helping Letho of Gulet* and jumped back into hunting down the Ladies.

Now I have to ride up to Downwarren and solve that problem before getting back to Ms. Metz.

* - All this time and I never realized that Letho was a Witcher.

I have a long way to go (this game is obviously deep), but I would have left out the ability to accept quests that you have no hope in hell of completing. I took a Witcher Contract and then realized that it was recommended for Level 23 characters; I'm level 6. Though, I did find my first relic silver sword that's allowing me to take on Level 11 monsters.

Originally Posted by Finn
Yes, you can boink her later.

Figured as much.
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