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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
105 hours later and I've just completed... Ugly Baby. Visiting my Brothers in Arms now, and it feels like we're coming to the end of things. I'm at level 25 now. Should I aim to complete the main campaign and then tackle the expansions or finish them and then come back to the campaign? Does it really even matter?
End? Believe it or not, you're perhaps 2/3 through the main quest. I know what you're talking about though, they've planted sort of a huge false climax there. Just when you think the credits are about to roll, you find out you still got hours to go.

As for the expansions, I'd say only thing you should mind before tackling Hearts of Stone is your level. It's designed with a +30 character in mind. It's doable around lvl 25, at least on lower difficulties, since things become easier after the spike at the beginning when you get some hefty XP rewards for taking on quests while they're still marked red.

Blood & Wine is meant as post-MQ content, period. There are plot points that really don't make sense if you tackle it while the vanilla adventure is still underway, and some quests won't be available because of the things you haven't done during your search of Ciri yet. Not to mention the best way to reach its recommended level of 35 is to just play through the story, unless you wish to spend a couple dozen hours doing some heavy grinding.
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