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Ok, first of all, Martians are proven to not exist. There's evidence and I could go over it. But yet there are proven viewings of UFO's in the sky. My theory is that it is demons festering the skies (as the Bible tells us, in the New Testiment). Now with the modern crowd it's easy to lead them astray, so satan uses his demons to "imitate" UFO's to make people beleive them...

this is my own opinion and I do not expect the rest of you to beleive it. The Bible speaks of the spiritual world... I do not beleive we are capable of levitating and such nonsense. We are simple humans. There are two worlds. The human world and the spiritual world. Inside the human world we exist as meer mortals. In the spiritual world live demons, angels and various spirits. I do beleive this.

Now I beleive in the Bible, which is rare on this site, I can assume, but it's my opinion and I'll leave it at that.
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