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Originally Posted by Dr Bones
So you paid to see a movie you were disappointed with several times, but in the end it was the infectious reactions of an appreciative audience (not made up solely of Indy fans) made it more enjoyable?

I paid to see the movie several times because it's an Indiana Jones movie, and I'm an Indiana Jones fan. That makes it a special movie for me, and it's also a movie that, more than any other in recent memory, I've had a really hard time trying to figure out how I feel about it.

And regarding the kids showing: an appreciative audience did not make the film any better, but rather made that particular experience more enjoyable for me. Most escapist movies are like that - an engaged and participant audience makes the experience more fun. It's nothing really to do with the quality of the movie, which of course isn't variable, but helps explain why something like Snakes on a Plane is ten times more fun in a crowded, rowdy theater than it is on DVD in an empty home. I'm also not sure what you mean by "in the end."

Originally Posted by Agent Z
Isn't this the epitome of overhype though? You aren't taking the film on its own merits, but rather expecting it to be already above a predetermined mark in your mind.

So me expecting (what I would deem to be) an Indiana Jones movie out of an Indiana Jones movie is not only overhype, but the epitome of it? I also don't see why you assume I expected the movie to be "above" a predetermined mark in my mind. I would have been more than happy with it merely meeting it. How do you know how high or low my expectations were that you would call them the epitome of overhype?

And sure, I had expectations. Everyone has expectations going into a movie, no matter how big or small, no matter how deep-rooted or carefree. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. That's why I reacted strongly to Dr Bones' comment that people with "whatever expectations" disliked the movie, and everyone else did because they had an open mind. (The offensive implication being that only open minded people could enjoy the movie.) And people can have expectations without them being unreasonable, by the way, just like they can have expectations while still taking a film on its own merits. It's called viewing a movie objectively, or as objectively as a person can.

Originally Posted by Agent Z
Kingdom continues that approach and doesn't seem to have the pretensions to be something it isn't, other than a pulpy fun ride.

Neither did the other movies. So, from my perspective, the only logical conclusion I can draw, knowing that all four films have the same approach, is that Kingdom is simply a worse movie.

(Hopefully I didn't piss all over this thread too bad.)
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