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Originally Posted by Violet Indy
Nurhachi, if it's any conselation, I have slammed doors on my finger- twice- in my lifetime and also sewed my finger in a sewing machine in home ec when I was 13. My mum was really freaked because it was my index finger on my left and I'm left handed and she thought this would affect my drawing abilities (in high school, I was pretty apt and still am at still life drawing). I wasn't given any anathestic, when they pulled out the thread which felt pretty nasty. I was very lucky, the needle missed my finger bone narrowly.

Besides, try to enjoy whatever rest you get out of it. I wish I had time to rest more.

Thanks violet Indy....... Dang that sounds worse than my problem

I'm left handed to It's hella hard to write to can't make out my own writing.
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