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Originally Posted by WWI Era Indy
I loved the series. I mean, look at my user name!

I thought the years with him as a kid were okay, but once SPF stepped into the role the series really took off for me. I loved most of those adventures, especially all the stuff in WWI. Oganga the Giver and Taker of Life was probably my favorite, but there were a ton of them I enjoyed, like Phantom Train of Doom, Attack of the Hawkmen, Trenches of Hell and Masks of Evil. It was cool to get so much insight into Indy's formative years.
Welcome to The Raven, WWI Era Indy! You have good taste. From what you've written, I can tell that you must have first seen the series on DVD which makes me all the more happy that they were released. It's always nice to hear of more people appreciating the show.
Originally Posted by foreverwingnut
I loved the Young Indy series. I didn't like the hideous, grissled, old Indy that introduced several of the earlier episodes in the original television run, so I was happy to see that he was omitted in boxed sets. Seeing Harrison Ford introduce "The Mystery of the Blues" was such a treat and I'd love to customize a 12 inch figure to look as Ford did in that episode. If I had to pick a favorite episode, I would say it is "Attack of the Hawkmen", which also has the best DVD history docs. The trench battles in this series were the most epic I'd ever seen and would have been just as incredible if it were seen on the big screen. I liked the guest stars, too. When Catherine Zeta-Jones made her steamy appearance on this series, I knew she was going to be a mega-star. The only guest star I didn't like was the actress who played Mata Hari, who bore no resemblance whatsoever. The real Mata Hari was dark haired with dark eyes and had easily convinced everyone that she was an Indian princess. The actress in the series was fair-skinned, red-haired, blue-eyed and honestly not very attractive- very bad casting.
Foreverwingnut, I agree that Domiziana Giordano doesn't bear any resemblance to the real-life Mata Hari but I'm curious about how you knew that Catherine Zeta-Jones was going to be a "mega-star" after seeing her in this series. Her episode didn't air in the U.S. and by the time it was released on VHS in 1999, she had already become a big name in the business.

That said, yes, the trench battles are very well done and even though "Attack of the Hawkmen" isn't my hands-down favourite, it's VERY CLOSE to the top of my list!
Originally Posted by JuniorJones
Is Montana actually Stoo! Prephaps they had a Freaky Friday moment!
Ha! Which one of us is Jodie Foster?
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Okay, I admit it. I tried on his pith helmet and something weird happened...
Does this mean I'm going to start collecting Indy dolls?
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