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Originally Posted by DoomsdayFAN
How long did the entire series run for and how many total episodes are there?

It's difficult to say because there are 2 incarnations of the series. There's the original broadcast The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the home video release which is the most common and easiest to find; The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (I imagine this is the version you are watching?).

Chronicles has a really confusing history: it saw a total of 28 produced episodes (2 seasons, 1992-93), 4 of which went unaired and another 12 were coupled together to make 4 made for TV movies. Following the series' cancellation an additional 4 original movies were released between 1994 to 96.

Adventures is a recut of the original broadcast, with perhaps the biggest difference being, that most of the 'episodes' are actually 2 separate ones bridged together (sometimes clumsily) to make 90-minute long 'films' of which there are a total of 22. Others changes involve the removal of the Old Indy bookends, the release of the episodes in chronological order, the restoration of the unaired episodes and previously unseen footage from existing ones.

I have complete faith in my sources, but I would suggest talking to Stoo for more information. He has the most intimate knowledge of the series and might be able to clarify some things, including differences seen in broadcasts from outside of North America ...
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