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Originally Posted by Supernatural
Aside from the fact that I'm just not a fan of his acting and the way he handles himself in public, (drinking and driving, drunken rampage in a Walgreen's pharmacy, bragging about sleeping with Megan Fox), I find it hard to believe someone like Karen Allen and like Harrison Ford had him as a son.
He's young..Does dumb things,says some dumb things..we grow,mature, and move on. AND if I slept with Megan Fox you better believe I would be bragging..sounds human to me?

AND any time Ive ever seen him on tv he comes off as a decent person. Does it mean he is? NO..but it means he acts right when its time..I like him pretty well. Heck if we disliked,condemned all the actors that did what he has done,I guess we wouldnt really like or have any of them to enjoy.
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