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Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo
Harrison will be 74 in 2016 six years shy of 80.

Which would still be 1 year younger than George Hall was when starting to star in YIJC, and there would be 19 years of mileage left to go before Harrison could fill the role of 93-year-old Old Indy himself *

Seriously, though: if Lucas goes into turbo boost with an idea until end of 2012, it'll then take at least 1.5 years for a fast-tracked script writing/sign-off, then one year for pre-prod, then production and post taking at least further 9 months if there are no scheduling conflicts, so we are looking at a release no sooner than 2016 - incidentally 35 years after ROTLA.

* Just think of that newly re-edited YIJC release in 2035!
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