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Originally Posted by Stoo
WOW, Raiders112390! You *really* are a flip-flopping contradictory FLAKE. Within the past year, you've said that Harrison is "old & weathered", "wrinkled", "long in the tooth", "ancient", etc.

An actor's appearance kinda defines the character they're playing and when the guy looks older and weathered, their character is going to look the same way.

You can still suspend your disbelief though when you see a built, youthful looking Harrison Ford do the things he does in Raiders, ToD and LC. But an old, white haired, wrinkled Harrison? Different story.

And he was looking long in the tooth by LC. I stand by that.

The point is, the man looks ancient now. He's 70. Indy 5 isn't going to happen. He's a few years away from the retirement home.

I was pointing out the man aged badly. Accept it,...

After all that you've written, how can you NOW say that Harrison is in great shape for a man of his age and expect to be taken seriously?

On-topic: Indy 5 in 2014 is highly unlikely.

FACIALLY he aged rather badly. Body wise he looks to be in great shape. Anything to attack, stalk and try to run me off here.
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