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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
FACIALLY he aged rather badly. Body wise he looks to be in great shape.
More flip-flopping..."Body wise"? You said that Harrison is a few years away from a retirement home. Do old folks get sent to a retirement home simply because their face is wrinkled?

You can still suspend your disbelief though when you see a built, youthful looking Harrison Ford do the things he does in Raiders, ToD and LC. But an old, white haired, wrinkled Harrison? Different story.

The point is, the man looks ancient now. He's 70. Indy 5 isn't going to happen. He's a few years away from the retirement home.
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Anything to attack, stalk and try to run me off here.
As I've told you MANY TIMES before, I'm not stalking you nor trying to 'run you off' from The Raven.
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