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Originally Posted by Stoo
Raiders112390, you aren't using the term, "stalking", properly. I don't know where you live nor the colour of your underwear. In a forum such as this, people get to know each other via what they post...and I've noticed that you contradict yourself very often. I want to know why but instead of EXPLAINING YOUR REASONS, you cry about being stalked.

Imagine if you had a friend who said:
"I love cats!" and then the next week they said, "I hate cats!"

Wouldn't you be curious about their change in opinion?
Well, I don't reply EVERY TIME you post but here's a suggestion for you, Raiders112390: Stop flip-flopping!

On-Topic: If pre-production on Indy 5 starts tomorrow, then there is a very good chance that it could be released before Paramount's 2014 true anniversary.

How's this, here's my suggestion: If I post something, and even if I "flip flop", don't respond, period.
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